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The landscape is a dominant force in our existence--and by landscape, I mean not only the geographic formation surrounding us but also the societal and cultural forces through which we move. 

Streets are the primary force in mediating our urban life. Each building, each corner store, each pothole acts as a marker for unlimited cultural signifiers. This process of deciphering and negotiating the landscape has very real power in building community and shaping us as individuals.

Yet in this rich heritage, contemporary forces are actively working to remove particularity of place and replace “here” with anonymous structures stripped of meaning. How can we resist? Through stories.

My storytelling practice is a site-specific experience with the audience: moving through a building or walking down a street, we imagine together past histories and lives of the specific place and its community. My work is an ongoing examination of “the journey”. I have created site-specific stories in cities such as New Orleans, Paris, Saskatoon and Toronto. I have participated in a variety of festivals and gallery residencies. 

While in Paris, I lead occasional improbable walks. If you're interested in reserving a place, drop me a line (walks are limited to a small group.) These are creative explorations, a fictional invention that takes you into a story I've written especially for a particular neighbourhood. Looking forward to walking with you!

This website over here is entirely dedicated to my walks: Improbable Walks 

(photos: above, a shot from Mysterious Passages in Paris; below, I'm leading a walk during the great annual event JANE'S WALKS in Toronto)