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Workshops coming up...

This spring in Paris, I'm leading three writing workshops with author Jennifer K. Dick--who is a good friend & who helped edit two of my poetry books. Both Jen and I have taught creative writing workshops in Europe and North America, and we're thrilled to have a chance to work together in our favourite city. We're looking forward to talking about your work, sharing methods we've used to hone our writing practice, and discuss the wonderful books we continue to learn from. So far, we have three workshops on offer, each different. Check out the details... And note the special deal: If you sign up for all three, you get a 15euro discount.


Generative writing & Revision workshop (first of a drop-in series) Sunday, April 3, 15h - 18h.

Nourish the new, then bring already-written work to full strength--keep your writing motor fine-tuned!
Presented by authors Jennifer K Dick and Lisa Pasold.
35 euros at Lisa Pasold’s home in the 18th. Sign up and get location address by sending me a message on the contact page!

Whether you’re an accomplished writer whose practice needs fresh energy and renewed discipline, or a beginning writer looking for techniques to move forward, Jennifer & Lisa will help you find focus. During the first half of each meeting, we will offer exercises tailor-made to a wide array of  specific writing needs. With a series of prompts, themes, and exercises, we’ll work on generating new ideas and rough work—and we’ll talk about how to incorporate these fresh ideas into projects you might already have underway or how to use them to launch into a new project. After a discussion of ideas, we’ll move on to the second half of the afternoon, which is focused on intense, detailed workshopping of each author’s work with solid, constructive feedback. 

For this meeting, please bring a notebook & pen, along with up to 7 pages of work (poems or nonfiction/fiction: double-spaced prose please)This workshop is aimed at all writers, writing at any level and in any genre, but will certainly be most useful to someone who has work to get feedback on. The number of participants will be limited to allow for attentive feedback during the revision part of the workshop, so we advise you sign up early. Share your work and receive generous, clear-eyed feedback, nurturing support, and a little bit of anti-procrastinatory ass-kicking in a respectful community environment!


Ekphrastic workshop: words out of pictures Tuesday, April 5, 13h30 - 15h30

A museum visit and writing exercises presented by authors Jennifer K Dick and Lisa Pasold

23 euros (includes museum entrance fee)—Sign up and get location address via the contact page

As Cole Swensen put it, ekphrasis (writing after art) can be translation of the artwork, your interpretation of it or some element of it, or collaboration with the visual work you are facing, extending its reach into new realms you imagine. Give art voice—or perhaps the question should be: is visual art really “mute” and if not, how can we hear it? This afternoon workshop will take place in the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, a space that combines art and nature, and evokes questions we will explore such as What is the impact of place on art? How does place/space affect the words written? What is it to see, touch, feel the art in words? And in what ways can a visual artwork become the basis of a story or poem? This afternoon workshop will provide you with techniques and exercises to engage in vivid dialogue with the art and decor of this inspiring—and brilliantly re-vamped—museum, situated in an historic mansion of the Marais.

Please bring a notebook & pen, or a tablet, which you are potentially able to write in while standing up. This workshop is aimed at all writers, writing at any level and in any genre.


Autobiographical writing / generative memoir workshop Monday, May 2, 18h - 21h

Presented by authors Jennifer K Dick and Lisa Pasold, this workshop is in partnership with Ivy Writers Paris, hosting a reading and discussion dedicated to the Poetic Memoir on May 3rd.
35 euros at Lisa Pasold’s home in the 18th. Sign up and get location address via the contact page!


This workshop will explore our variegated ways of putting our selves—re-membering ourselves--onto the page. We will make use of old letters/emails/blog entries, journals, scrapbooks (if you desire), and the memories we often hide. Exercises will begin with a focus on exploring narrative, then move onto more sensorial recollection techniques based on how the senses return us to other times. In our 3 short hours together, you will end up writing a series of small memoir works, which may relate to a longer piece in process. You will certainly leave with a handful of tools, ideas and techniques you can maneuver in your own ways when you return to work on your prose or poetry. You will also be supplied with extracts by writers Lisa and Jennifer admire in hopes that these works can also inspire, teach and generate work for you in and out of our workshop.


Please bring a notebook & pen, as well as either a few old letters, emails, journals, blogs or photos as base materials. This workshop is aimed at all writers, writing at any level and in any genre. We look forward to trying out some new methods for tackling old experiences!


Note: Invitation: We hope you will follow this workshop by attending  the “Poetic Autobiography” reading and discussion on Tuesday evening, May 3rd with Claude Ber, Marielle Anselmo and Lisa Samuels—the Ivy event is free & begins at 19h30. Please join us! 


Jennifer K Dick is an American author of 3 books, including the science-memory collection Circuits (Corrupt, 2013) and 5 chapbooks of poetry—the most recent being No Title, (Estepa, Nov 2015). She also writes short fiction, translates French prose and poetry, and is an editor for VERSAL magazine out of Amsterdam. She taught novel writing workshops for years in Paris and has led creative writing, poetry writing and generative writing workshops in France, Spain and the USA. 

And you can read more about me, Lisa Pasold, on my you are already! I have led writing workshops from Dawson City in the Klondike to Winter Park, Florida.