Lisa Pasold

The Riparian is nearly here

My new book, The Riparian, is coming back from the printers... I am incredibly pleased with the cover--check it out below. The photograph & design are by Neil Petrunia. I can't wait to see it as a real solid book! I have never been very good at patience.

The book will be launched as part of the 2017 Frontenac House Quartet--I'm especially honoured to be reading in the company of writers Billy-Ray Belcourt, Vivian Hansen and Laurie MacFayden. Order a copy of the book here!

In Calgary on Sept 19 at the MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARY (upstairs in the WordFest Space) at 7pm

And for people in Edmonton, we'll be launching the Quartet on Sept 20, at 7pm at Almanac on Whyte.

 "The Riparian is a dangerous shimmering chimeric space where “Things broken wash up.” “Did you expect,” a bartender asks, “a constant party here in the drowned city of the joyful damned?” Pasold strikes a meticulous balance between the hideous and the sublime: suddenly – among water rats, spit, semen, pubic hair, hurt dogs, and missing persons – there is  a sparrow, or a drag queen in a 70s movie poster rock star candy wig. This is a Trump-era epic, an x-ray of a city’s grit, shit,  and sorrow. It is a song with a love story and thirty tragedies, overheard on a piano “dismantled, marooned, / With the  river washing through its exposed strings.” ~ John Wall Barger, author of The Book of Festus.