Lisa Pasold

The Red Wheelbarrow Reopens!

Paris... "The city as a landscape and a room." I've been reading Walter Benjamin for my upcoming discussions on the 19th century. I have my particular well-thumbed copy of Benjamin's The Arcades Project because in 2002, I happened to wander into the wonderful Paris bookshop, The Red Wheelbarrow, as I often did. And the owner, Penelope Fletcher, flung herself out of her chair and said "YOU must buy this book."

Well, when Penelope insists you need a book, you obey her. Because she's right (at least in my experience!) And indeed, this edition of Benjamin's Arcades Project has been an ongoing crucial reference for me in my writings about Paris, about cities in general, and about walking in cities.  

So I am especially thrilled to announce that Penelope has just, this very minute, opened her brand new bookshop, the newly relocated, newly restored, newly risen from the ashes, freshly stocked and ready for readers, writers, flaneurs, and book enthusiasts,facing the Luxembourg Gardens, on rue de Medici. If you want to see photos of the shop in process, and its windows now, check her out on Instagram. But more importantly, walk on over & ask Penelope for some recommendations. I can guarantee that years later, you'll still be savouring the books she finds for you. 

The Red Wheelbarrow
11 rue de Medici, 75006 
Metro: RER B Luxembourg station 
The shop is open every day and the current tentative hours are 10AM-7PM, perhaps later on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
You can phone ahead at +33 (0) 1 42 01 81 47