Lisa Pasold


The ebook for RATS OF LAS VEGAS is now out in the world, available here, and I am thrilled to bits about it. Take a look! Admire! Download!

What's especially exciting about this ebook is that now my character Millard can meet new people. Her story can be read on airplanes and trains and on dark submarines when you have insomnia.

I am still very attached to the real-world hardcover version of the book created by Enfield & Wizenty--you can visit its web home here.  Sometimes the real-world hardcover is better, y'know...because it remains difficult to loan an ebook to a friend. It is difficult to say "oh i have to read you this paragraph, here i dog-eared the page" because no, you have to turn on the device & find the note you left and locate it in the pageless wonder-scroll that is the ebook & the romance is just, honestly, not the same. You cannot leave a number of books open to be admired just as wonderful encouraging objects, if they exist only as ebooks. And (perhaps most dire of all) reading the ebook in the bath is really not recommended.

Mind you, the library has never really appreciated my bath-reading habits either.

Does someone make a waterproof ebook device cover for bathtub reading? I think I see a niche market for such an item...