Lisa Pasold


Exciting news! The television show PARIS NEXT STOP which I worked on all this past winter & spring is now being broadcast on Discovery...check your schedule if you have cable! I so enjoyed hosting this show.


Each episode focuses on a single Paris neighbourhood, starting with a metro stop. We went all over the city...the Opera, Saint-Germain, Montparnasse ...sampling fabulous pastries in nearly every episode...which gave me a chance to share my favourite secrets about the city. I even got to hold an original key to the infamous Bastille Prison!


To celebrate the fact that I'm heading back to Paris next month, I also have set up a new WALK INSOLITE. This one will take place on July 27, at 2pm & the title is "The Missing Hours". Details below. For more information, drop me a line through the contact page above. (Space is limited.)


Walk Insolite - original stories told through a walk into the city. Coming soon: THE MISSING HOURS: A walk into Medieval Paris. The year is 1192. A Scottish theology student arrives in Paris to study and finds the city under construction. The roads are being repaved. The walls of the city are being rebuilt. The central Island is a sea of craftsmen's shacks. And our visiting student is fascinated by a kind of art he has rarely seen before: the illuminated manuscript. Unfortunately, within two days of arriving in Paris, he's accused of stealing an illuminator's tools. Is he guilty? Will he end his days in an 'oubliette'? Come with me to walk into the pages of an original historical fiction...