Lisa Pasold

Mysterious Passages - walking in Paris

what kind of noise exactly does a lobster make while walking along Italian marble mosaics? in honour of Gerard de Nerval, a pet lobster featured as a character today in the story-walk through the 19th-century arcades between Passages Jouffroy & the Palais-Royal.

then we warmed up our chilled toes at the ever-grouchy Cafe Nemours...always redeemed by the view onto Place Colette & the decent hot chocolate. made me think of meeting Janet Skeslein Charles there last spring in the sunshine, when we talked about writing & being thrown off trains in Belarus (seriously!) here's a link to my chat with Janet.

thanks everyone who joined me today in the cold Paris sunshine for the 'Mysterious Passages' walk as part of my WALK INSOLITE series! This painting is how I imagine Rachel, at a celebratory dinner a week or two after this story...)evening dress painting