Lisa Pasold

Curious Minds Series - new lectures coming soon!

Last week, I found myself staring at a small notebook page with two very neat "scribbles" by brilliant scientists. Why? Because I was lucky enough to look at a page from the shared notebook of Marie and Pierre Curie. The page is now under radiation-proof glass, because all their notebooks are still glowing in the dark. The visit was very moving, looking at the small neat handwriting, and the carefully-preserved lab and office used by one of my personal heroines, the brilliant Marie Curie. Right now, I'm deep into the research for my new autumn lecture series, "Inventing Modern Paris". This will be six new lectures about my very favourite Parisian period, the 1800s. This is the timeframe when Paris reinvented itself as a Modern City--and set in motion basically all the expectations we now have, for modern cities everywhere. From the arts to the sewage system--really! And right at the end of the 19th-century, there is the amazing Curie! Find out all the details here about my new Paris discussions coming up in October on the Curious Minds website