Lisa Pasold

Evil or Excellent eBook?

So, my novel Rats of Las Vegas is about to become an eBook. It already has been an eBook for a brief period of time, but that version had roughly a gazillion typos & other issues, which should be resolved by the NEW IMPROVED eBook. (huge shout-out to Louis Maistros who helped me with this!)

But before I open the champagne, I want to be honest here: I find eBooks weird...first of all, the language of the thing: e-book, ebook--it sounds like an ewok to me. I am trying to like the word “kindle” even though it’s a brand that has stolen the idea of kindling a fire, thus turning a practical verb into an object one can buy. (I can't bear to think about the word "nook".) I’m already expending quite a lot of energy on Blackberry and Twitter for stealing perfectly honest hardworking words and turning them to the dark side of branding. I have a Blackberry, and I use twitter, but much as I want to like RIM (go Canada! etc), I resent their absconding with my favourite wild fruit. And in case you hadn’t noticed, birds don’t twitter anymore; they can’t afford the data plan fees.


Which brings me back to kindle, and the eBook. To get it into perspective, I came up with three fantastic reasons why I love this eBook thing:

(1) the writer gets a better cut of the selling price & can publish new material more easily


(2)  the eBook doesn’t take up space or clutter and saves trees (until you start worrying about recycling the ingredients in a kindle. but I won’t worry about that, as it hurts my pretty little head. I’ll just feel good about the trees! even if no birds are twittering in them.)


(3) so many books can be carried around all at once. my entire bookcase now fits into my carry-on bag. this is extra incredible amazing for someone who tends to live out of a suitcase the way I do. I’ve spent years missing books that I know are in a bedroom on the far side of the Atlantic. I miss books the way normal people miss each other.


This last point—all my books can be with me all the time—is so incredible and magical, that it almost (almost) overwhelms my main anti-eBook problems…coming soon in my next blog post.