Lisa Pasold

any bright horse - 1st review

"The narrator meditates on the ebb and flow of motion and stillness, and the disorientation involved in returning home... Pasold acknowledges Don McKay and Daphne Marlatt as influences: both have an affinity for nature imagery and graceful ease in poetically conveying human experiences. Pasold carries on their traditions with distinction, craft and beauty."

- Quill & Quire review for ANY BRIGHT HORSE



when the new book gets reviewed, it is stressful.


when the new book gets reviewed by Quill & Quire in the July/August issue, it is even more stressful.


when the new book gets reviewed by Quill & Quire in their July/August issue and I am out of the country & can't get a copy, it is even more super-extra-stressful.


but the review is good! break out the champagne! the review is really great, actually, and i should probably send critic Shannon Webb-Campbell a glass of Veuve-Clicquot, but i don't know her. she might not like champagne.


(the whole review is here )


 AND... happy Bastille Day!