Lisa Pasold

Weave - (poetry)

"Weave is quite simply a masterpiece; there is more in these 80 odd pages than in most novels." - Stephen Osborne, Geist Magazine


WEAVE is my first book, a biography-style collection of poetry that was nominated for an Alberta Book Prize. I didn't win, but I was really excited to be in the running. And the prize-giving party at the Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton was very swank indeed.


"Pasold's ability to capture the personal, the political and societal expectations of an era is impressive." - Rajinder S. Pal, This Magazine 



Trade paperback, 85 pages, Frontenac House (Calgary) 2004


ISBN-10: 0973238070

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"The book fascinates on both narrative and lyric levels. Pasold never confuses feeling with sentiment, and she has a gift for memorable images which work together to form a poetic vocabulary. This book's a keeper, one you'll reread and read aloud." - Harry Vandervlist, Alberta Views