Lisa Pasold

Rats of Las Vegas - novel

"I cannot recommend the book enough. Poker, boxing, Las Vegas, those Depression-era details captured so well...what's not to love, I tell you? Nothing. It's all good. You ought to buy a copy, or steal one, or get it at the library, or go camp outside Lisa's house and buy a copy from her personally. Really, you should." - Craig Davidson 

"Lisa Pasold’s debut novel is as enticing as the lit-up Las Vegas strip and as satisfying as a winning hand at poker."  -Kathryne Kouk, Winnipeg Free Press

buy RATS  E-book or hard cover,  360 pages 

Published by Enfield & Wizenty, Winnipeg, 2009

note: the fab cover is designed by Relish Productions & was shortlisted for a graphics award. 

"Millard Lacouvy, the first-person narrator and main protagonist of Lisa Pasold's engrossing first one of the feistiest young women in recent Canadian fiction... RATS OF LAS VEGAS is first and foremost a good yarn about a solitary woman asserting herself in a man's world--not through glamour or sex but through sheer wits and determination." - Dave Williamson, Prairie Fire