Lisa Pasold

A Bad Year for Journalists - poetry

"Critical, darkly funny and painstakingly lyrical" - The Globe and Mail


"Pasold offers one heck of a wild read." Canadian Bookseller


A Bad Year for Journalists is my second book of poetry; it was nominated for an Alberta Book Award and made into a play, which premiered in Toronto in the fall of 2006.


"As if we're reading notes scribbled by this expatriate freelance writer in a car bouncing along a dirt road in Kenya, or on a late-night intercontinental flight... Pasold's work is the poetic equivalent of living out of a suitcase." - The Toronto Star


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Trade paperback, 94 pages from Frontenac House (Calgary) 2006  ISBN 1-897181-01-9


"She weaves disjointed memories, from rusty jeeps to lust to typewriters. A thrilling, amazing work." - Bryan Evans, Fast Forward Magazine